Sustainable development and climate change Conference

Sustainable development and climate change Conference

Climafin team will join the Sustainable development and climate change: From global research to national implementation – stakeholder meeting will focus on global insights on climate policies and national considerations on sustainability and feasibility.

Irene Monasterolo will take part in a panel session (starting at 14:30h) with a topic: Feasibility considerations of greenhouse gas mitigation.

Check the agenda on our event page HERE or on the official conference website.

With the growing implementation of climate action globally, it becomes urgent to embed climate policies in the broader sustainable development agenda. Addressing trade-offs and co-benefits of climate policy with energy poverty eradication, increased well-being and welfare, air quality improvement, biodiversity and food and water availability is essential for the viability of climate actions. At the same time, the current development of real-world climate policies enables us to learn valuable lessons about designing cost-effective, technologically sound, and socially and politically feasible policies. Climate goals are agreed upon globally but policies are implemented by individual countries. Therefore, understanding the diversity in priorities, interests and considerations across the world is essential for understanding the limitations and enablers of climate action. We look forward to your participation in the workshop where we explore these issues.

 The afternoon will consist of presentations on research insights, as well as responses from representatives from civil society, businesses and policy makers at global, European and national levels, and discussion with the audience. The event builds on two current global research initiatives, CD-LINKS and ENGAGE, both coordinated by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). These initiatives bring together about 30 research teams to explore the complex interplay between climate action, sustainable development and the feasibility of climate targets, while simultaneously taking both global and national perspectives. Both initiatives rely on inputs and dialogue with civil society, businesses and policy makers, in addition to research and modelling efforts led by the international and multidisciplinary consortium partners.